Campaign Launch Party

For this member of Team KMcG Music, Saturday couldn't have been a better day.  In the middle of Father Kevin's backyard concert, our IndieGoGo campaign went live and we received our first donation. IMG_2252

Everything had come together smoothly for a beautiful backyard show.  After an afternoon of setting up, waiting, practicing, sound checking, and tiki-torch-lighting, God gave us a beautiful summer night, families started arriving with picnics, and Mario began grilling.  Father opened the show as he opens every homily he preaches-- imploring Our Lady's intercession- and then handed the stage over to Mike Lahey and Katie Rees, so that they could share their music with us as well.  IMG_2244

After Mike and Katie entertained us, Father returned and shared the fruits of his songwriting with us.  One thing I love about Father's music is its authenticity. This isn't a cookie-cutter sound, nor are the lyrics contrived or manufactured.  Father sings about life -- whether it's coffee, God, men & women, or the roller coaster we call living.

One of the most beautiful parts of the evening was standing back and observing the yard full of life.  Perhaps I've used that word too often in the last few sentences, but that was the overwhelming feeling of the night.  There were kids chasing lightning bugs.  There were married couples sharing picnics. There were young adults hanging out on the back porch.  Everywhere you looked, you saw the impact of Father Kevin on this community that he's called home for less than a year.  You saw a community that had come to support, to celebrate, and to enjoy live music.  I'm not sure you could find a backyard in Nashville more joyfully alive that night.



As we cleaned up, one of the members of Team KMcG observed that in our exhaustion, it was all really just beginning.  36 days. $12,000.  Here we go!

backyard panorama Kevin McGoldrick