I'm working on my own version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet in honor of the year of mercy. And I want to give you a glimpse into the process of writing, arranging, recording, and producing something like this.  

4 step demo

(the Divine Mercy is not a typical song but hopefully it gets the point across for each stage and how to move a song along the process)

I have a 4 step demo process for how to get something into a final  recording and I want to share this as encouragement for writers and players that don't know where to start.  Demos for dummies :)  (takes one to know one)

One of the most important things for artists is to  JUST START!  so…here we go  

1. first step : Voice memo demo

The purpose of the voice memo is to get the basic idea down. sometimes longer or shorter, but its important to record it.    Sometimes its called a "work tape". Recording it makes you make decisions and get it down. you may change a lot in the end but do it. record it.

Share it! ask for feedback. As musicians we can be so self-conscious or nervous about sharing stuff that we never do it.  get over it. share it and ask for ideas, pros and cons, does it need a bridge? is the chorus not hooky enough?  There has only ever been one Mozart who could do EVERYTHING. The rest of us need people around us, a team to help us massage the music into a good place 

2. step two : personal demo (experimental demo)

You in your room using garage band.  figuring out the tempo, basic structure, experimental ideas, and rough sketch of an arrangement. figuring out possibilities for how it could build, etc…  

In this step, you play whatever instruments you can and fill everything else in with digital stuff from whatever program you use. Think of it like a pencil sketch. Get the basic structure, decide on a tempo, and put in ideas. Don't be afraid to experiment. This is the stage for trying stuff out.

Share it! send it out to people who can give you all kinds of feedback. Get ideas for instrumentation, and treatment (what is the sound you are going for? CCM, country, pop?). does it need to be longer/shorter?   

3. Third Step: full band demo

audio coming soon...